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Hi, my name is Mok Swee Lead. My friend used to call me Swee Lead or some call me Ah Lead. I born in Missouri, USA. I used to work as a software engineer with Intel however I moved on to start my IT company named Jean Bolt Services. Head Bolt Services offers a wide range of IT services such as web development, C++ programming, and Networking services. I start this company in 2013 and currently have two more partners running this business.
I like to do some gardening when I am free at home. Some friends often asked me, “Mok Swee Lead, why you like to do gardening, seeing you as an IT guy, it is kind of weird.” The Strange thing has I developed this hobby since young.

Mok Swee Lead sets out the basic tips of gardening, providing guides to beginner to know how to get started with gardening.

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Mok Swee Lead’s Unconditional Love for Nature

Mok Swee Lead is a gardening expert and loves to be surrounded by nature. God has created the world and it’s most beautiful part is nature. Everyone wants to be surrounded by nature. It gives a fresh feeling and most lively boost for healthy living. Come on, who doesn’t love nature? A quick and exciting way of keeping yourself close to plants and trees is gardening, and this is how gardening became his first love. At a young age of 12, he started gardening in his house.

Mok believes that plants are an essential element of nature. He grows as many plants and trees as possible in his backyard, balcony, veranda and other open places. He helps his clients to choose the best plants to keep one’s home and office attractive. He is quite creative in his gardening aspects.

So, what is Gardening – An overview

Gardening is a process in which growing of plants and trees cultivating is involved. It is also the part of horticulture (a part of agriculture) which combines with art, technology, business, and science of growing plants. So, what can you grow in your gardens? Ornamental plants, beautiful flowering plants, shrubs, unusual plants for the purpose of decoration, fruits, vegetables and herbs and bonsai can be quickly grown. They are useful in many ways. Like for example, an aloe Vera plant has a world of benefits for the user. Many people take gardening as a relaxing activity. In their garden, one can either choose to grow one type of plant or different plants. Gardening makes one feel good when they are stressed. Gardening is not always tiring, however; many hobby enthusiasts often enjoy it, and Mok is one of them. His expertise in gardening makes him one of the most sought after gardening experts in the country. He has developed finesse in gardening and has brought in several new dimensions to a mere hobby like gardening.

Mok Swee Lead tenets of gardening

Gardening can be classified in many different ways. The common form of his gardening expertise is the residential gardening. Many people who love nature wants to stay close to plants and trees. It is done near the place you stay, maybe in the common area which is also referred as a garden area. Residential gardening is also done in balconies, roof top area, window box and many other locations too. You can also see gardening taking place at non-residential areas such as pubic garden, park, amusement parks, Garden hotels and the tourist attraction areas. These growing areas are further taken care of the staff members, Gardener or ground keeper. Mok also believes in helping the clients to take care and maintain their garden in the most beautiful way.

Mok Swee Lead goes creative with gardening

Mok Swee Lead believes in creativity and brings in new additions to make one’s garden unique, original and an eye catcher. His newest addition, Container gardening is nowadays very famous. A process of growing the plant in any container or glass whether it is outdoor or indoor is container gardening. Containers such as the bowl, pot, planters or basket hanging are used in the process.

Community gardening is also one kind of gardening which involves the planting of particular areas by a group of people. To produce good crops, best quality of fruits and vegetable this small group works hard in gardening.  The government, trust or nonprofits believe own such kind of gardening.

Organic gardening is the most trending gardening. This type of gardening is done by natural methods, sustainable methods, pesticides and fertilizers to grow biotech crops.

The best way one can be connected to nature is to have to garden. Nowadays we see the high building with restricted amount of areas around where we lack gardening. Mok came up with a breathtaking solution to such a dire situation with Terrace gardening. This is the best way to reconnect with nature. It will also help your terrace look more organised and arranged.

In any case, the most preferred form of gardening is the residential gardening because nowadays people want to be in touch with nature and this the only way to be connected.

How can gardening enhance the beauty of your house?

About Mok Swee Lead Gardening

Gardening expert Mok Swee Lead believes that a garden adds to the beauty of the house. The House looks more attractive when one has a well-maintained garden in their entry spot or backyard. The colourful flowers, fresh fruits, and thick green grass make the place look more beautiful. It enhances the beauty of the house. Even the property price rises if you have a nice garden area because many people want an excellent garden when they are searching for a property to stay. When you have any party or function you can decorate your garden and utilise it for your party – it will be admired by your guest. You don’t have to search for party hall and face the expenses when you have a garden at your place. Increase the value of your home by at least having a small garden area either has plants growing in the balcony area too. But one has to maintain well if they have a garden at their residence because if it’s not taken care, many insects will grow and spoil the garden and spread diseases. So, taking care is also important when planning to have a garden at your residence.

Accessories and tools used while gardening

For professional and nonprofessional gardening there are lots of accessories available in the market. Mok has introduced several new and different techniques for gardening. With the help of these accessories and features, it has become a more easy process of gardening. One can decorate, and it also helps in its function. The accessories are made of a huge range of different materials like wood, bamboo, stone, stainless steel and glass. Accessories that you can look up at are benches, bird baths, statues, water fountains, urns, feeders, small gardening lights and much more.

Things to remember while gardening

There is a form of joy in gardening. While growing plants everyone should keep few things in mind for the betterment and safety too. One should understand what a plant needs? A plant is similar to the human being. As a gardening expert, Mok believes that different types of plant have a different personality. They like different things such as water, sunlight, and different soil types. One plant needs more sunlight whereas the other is delicate. One plant needs lots and lots of water whereas the other would need less water. It depends on upon the kind of plant you are dealing with. Understand which plants grow best in which climate. Different climate suits different plants. You should know which environment is suitable for the installation and then start growing them. The location is another aspect that one should keep in mind while gardening or grow plants. If you are planning to build your plant outdoor, then try choosing an optimized spot – one that has the good source of water, light, nutrients and soil, which is the basic necessity of your plant. Keeping all these aspects in mind, Mok also helps his clients in choosing the right location for their garden or forming a beautiful garden with the available space in the premises of their home or office.

When it comes to gardening, Mok says that watering is the most important thing. If you are planning to have a garden around your residential area, regular watering will never let your plant dry, and it will have a faster growth too.

One needs many types of equipment to begin gardening. The number of tools for gardening only depends on upon the area you are gardening. Container gardening is seen in these type of sectors. It looks more decent and decorative when growing is performed in the residential areas. Mok expertises in creating a garden fast and efficiently!

Mok Swee Lead tips on gardening

Mok See Lead and his work

The biggest mistake one does while gardening is cutting the grass too short because when they are cut too short, their growth becomes too slow. A minimum 3 inches tall grass should be in your garden for healthy growth.  Never water the garden in the wrong technique. Spraying the pesticides too much can affect the plants and trees in your garden. So, never blindly spray the pesticides. Never ignore the plant leaving the soil. This is because; the land should be given more care which will automatically give you a healthy plant

Gardening is good for health

Gardening expert, Mok Swee Lead says; the primary reason why gardening is good for your health is it burns calories. It involves high-level exercise. It needs lots of patience’s and time. One can burn almost 330 calories while gardening lightly. People who spend most of the time in the backyard and gardening are good in keeping their relationship. While gardening in the sunny day, one will absorb vitamin D too which is obviously good for health. Talk to Mok today to create a beautiful garden for your home or office.