S7810963G – Hoont 2 Pack Plug-in Electronic Total Pest Eliminator + Night Light – Eradicates Insects and Rodents – The Review

The Hoont Plug-in Electronic Total Pest Eliminator S7810963G + Night Light unit has patented technology which helps in getting rid of pests without the need for harmful pesticides. Some of the pests that can be kept out and/or eliminated are mice, rats, spiders, cockroaches, fleas, beetles, mites and silverfish, to name a few. Patented technology uses ultrasonic and electromagnetic waves to get rid of pests.

Product Description:

The Hoont Electronic pest eliminator S7810963G is a fairly simple unit and easy to use. It uses a patented system which mixes electromagnetic, ionic and ultrasonic waves to keep pests out. The unit is about 6 inches high and 3 inches wide. When it is plugged in, it will protrude slightly from the wall and hence it is necessary to keep the area clear of clutter. Here is how each wave in the system works:

Electromagnetic waves are the first line of defense and they use existing wiring in the home to keep insects and pests out. Wiring sends out electronic pulses which pests find irritating and less likely to enter an area.
These waves disturb nests inside walls. The ultrasonic and electromagnetic waves send pests looking for new areas to build homes. These waves work on roaches, spiders, fleas and other insects.
The good thing is that since the frequency is low, it is not heard by humans and doesn’t affect pets. If you have dogs, cats and other pets, they are not affected.
It is completely safe for human use and environmentally friendly.
One unit of Hoont 2 Pack Plug-in Electronic Total Pest Eliminator S7810963G + Night Light – Eradicates Insects and Rodents will cover an area of 600 sq. meters. Since the waves cannot penetrate hard surfaces like furniture and walls, it is a good idea to buy enough units to plug in to every room in the house.

Installing the Repellent Unit:

Do a walk through the house to figure out where there is pest infestation and otheractivity. Then, plug in one unit in the area closest to the source. Make sure that the electrical outlet is in an unobstructed area so that you can get maximum coverage.

The unit works in a way that is similar to light rather than sound. Having an uncluttered house is another way to keep insects from finding nesting places. If necessary, use extension cords for a short period before you plug the unit into a wall.

Notice if there is any unusual activity or not – this way you can find out whether it is working or not. It is to be expected – Hoont units take 10-14 days to see activity and up to 6 weeks for results.

The Hoont plug in unit has slider switches on both sides – one side is for electromagnetic waves and negative ions. The other side has switches to activate ultrasonic waves and a night light. The unit is useful for safety as well.

The front of the unit has a blue nightlight on the top and 3 buttons in the middle – these three buttons will indicate which of the waves are turned on to work.

Benefits of using the product:

Most people try different pest control methods with degrees of success. The Hoont unit uses existing technology to offer a non-toxic method of getting rid of pests around the house. When a unit is plugged in and switched on, the green indicates ultrasonic, red indicates electromagnetic and the yellow for ion waves. The lights are the only indicators that waves are being emitted but humans and pets cannot hear them. Depending on the size of the area, people have had fairly good results with the unit – many report that there are no mice getting to their supplies.


  1. There are quite a few advantages to buying and using this unit.
  2. It uses patented technology to keep pests out
  3. It is very safe to use around people, plants and pets
  4. It is a non-toxic solution to get rid of pests – they just move to another spot. No chemicals are used
  5. The lights are an indicator that the unit is working
  6. It’s simple style fits in with any décor.
  7. All a consumer has to do is to plug it in and see the difference.


  1. The unit doesn’t look well finished and could use some work.

Points To Keep In Mind While Using Insect Control

Things to remember while we are dealing with insect control individually or with the help of pest control service. If we are doing it individually then is very careful. Basically pest control is a pesticide or insecticides which are meant to kill to unwanted weed plants, insects, rats, mice, cockroach and all other garden insects. If you use it with all the instruction keeps in mind you will have a safe home and garden. They protect your plants from getting damaged. It not conducted properly it may lead to air pollution, water contamination, even cause bad affect to your health.

Decide how much amount is sufficient

It is necessary to decide the amount of pesticide you use because too much of chemical may affect bad. Whether there is large number of organisms or insect that are affecting your garden then only plan up for a pest control or few just seeks for other alternative method of management.

Choose the right pesticide

One should always be double sure when they are planning for pest control at home or the garden or their backyard. Choose the best way of pest control hat be beneficial for you. Do not spend too much on pest control. Try using it safely and in the right way. Too much usage of pesticide or chemical for controlling pest is also a bad idea. The amount of pesticides should be depends upon the number of organism or insects. Always be alert. Too much pest control on one plant may destroy the soil, air and water too.


Given that we get chemicals and toxins every day in our food and through other sources, this pest control method of using Hoont 2 Pack Plug-in Electronic Total Pest Eliminator S7810963G + Night Light – Eradicates Insects and Rodents is very environmentally friendly. The verdict is that it is worth trying out and addressing pest problems in your home.

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