10 best gardening hand tools every gardener needs

When you are planning to start gardening, the tools used for it must be chosen correctly because it actually creates a lot of difference. Even if you are an experienced gardener, some of the essential gardening tools must be owned by each and every green thumb. There is no need to become extravagant and spend a lot of money on these tools; however, cheap tools are also not that preferable. You should spend as much money as you can afford to buy them. If you plan to get a specialized and expensive tool, then first make sure that it is actually going to be beneficial for you. Otherwise, don’t waste your money. The heavy items and tools like rotary hoes, trimmers, ladders, etc. can also be hired for a number of days on reasonable charges; so this option can also be availed if it is feasible for you and you find it better. Here is a list 10 best gardening hand tools that you should buy preferably.

Top 10 Essential Gardening Hand Tools

1. Secateurs:

Best Gardening tool: Secateurs

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Secateurs are also called pruners; they are available for both right-handed as well as left-handed gardeners. The actual choice to be made is between the types of blades. There are scissor-action and single cutting blades are available. Both of them are effective to the same extent if they are used properly, i.e. kept free from rust and mud, oiled properly and kept sharp and clean.


2. Trowel:

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The trowel is one of the tools used for gardening. It does small jobs like digging, mixing soil, transplanting, etc. You should buy the trowel which is sturdy and has a long blade; however, it should not be very broad.


3. Spade and shovel:

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Oftentimes, people remain confused between a spade and a shovel and they think both these tools to be the same. But actually, there is a difference between them. Spade is used for digging and breaking up the soil, whereas shovel is used to pick up and move the loose materials like compost.


4. Gloves:

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Gloves are very important to be worn before you go for gardening, otherwise get ready for your hands to be dirty and become ugly after some days. Well, that sounds sarcastic, frankly speaking! You shouldn’t be ready for that and get your gloves to avoid hand injuries and dirt. They are available in different types and materials. Lighter gloves that are coated with rubber are considered to be the useful varieties to work in the wet soil. Similarly, there are other types of gloves.


5. Trug:

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In the ancient days, trug was traditionally made from timber; however, in the modern days it is now made up of plastic to keep it light in weight, more durable, easy to carry and easy to wash. It is one of the useful tools for gardening; it is used to carry weeds, garden waste, and other such rubbish. They also have some other uses to move a small quantity of soil, etc.


6. Rakes:

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Rakes are one of the long handles gardening tools. They are used for multiple purposes like to level the ground, to move sand, to gather leaves and stuff like that. You should go for the rake that has a strong handle and its weight, as well as balance, should also be checked before you buy it. You can follow some tips to get the benefit of rake properly.


7. Wheelbarrow:

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Wheelbarrow is very heavy and bulky but is quite beneficial. It helps to move plants, soil, stones and rocks easily. You should choose the quality of wheelbarrow that seems to be the best for your needs. Your requirements are just known by you, so you should buy the tools accordingly. Some of the wheelbarrows are available with two wheels in their composition, which makes them easy to handle even when the ground is uneven.


8. Watering can:

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A hand-held can for watering is made up of either plastic or some metal. It is considered to be one of the best gardening tools, quite durable, convenient and useful. Using it is a good way to save the water while irrigating and watering the plants. There are some of the qualities that should be checked before buying a watering can; it should be carried easily, should be light in weight and its shower flow should be moderate.

Other essential gardening tools include:


9. Weeder:

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Weeder is another beneficial tool for gardening that is intended to pull up the weeds. This tool works quite good because its tip is forked and can easily do its job. With such a tool in your hands, you will not have to squat or kneel rooting the weeds. Before you start weeding, it would be good to soak the soil to get soften. Push the weeder around the root of the weed while holding the top of the weed in your other hand, and slowly pull up the weed while pushing the weeder in the ground.


10. Garden fork:

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The garden fork (also known as digging fork or spading fork) is one of the most used long handled gardening tools. This fork is mainly used in farming and gardening for lifting, loosening, and turning over the soil. It is originally made of wood, however, today’s garden forks are usually made of stainless and carbon steel.


This is all about the essential gardening tools, however, you can also add more tools if you want and the most important thing if your budget allows you.


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