11 GMO Foods that should Never be on Your Grocery List

Genetically Modified foods are the new threat to mankind. The disastrous part is that most people are unaware of the dangers of GMO. Researchers have been successful in unveiling the catastrophic results of opting for Genetically Modified foods. The real red alert is that GMO’s are equally harmful to animals and environment as well. A question often comes to the mind, and that is what makes Genetically Modified foods so harmful. As the name suggests, the Genetically Modified foods (Ref 1) are created by altering the genes with the DNA acquired from different bacteria or organisms to get the desired traits. This leads to unstable combinations that are contrary to nature.

Here is a brief visual insight regarding how Genetically Modified foods are created.

GMO Foods

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“In above image, the way “genetically modified engineering” works is that; initially the scientists tend to take the DNA from a certain organism. For this, the scientists need to identify the gene and then they cut it using enzymes. Scientists bind the gene they take out with a marker gene. The final step is the insertion of recombinant DNA.”

The process of Genetically Modified engineering holds immense health risks. This is why the consumers need to give it a second thought before opting for such foods.

Here I am presenting a list of food items that are produced through Genetic Modified Engineering. The purpose is to generate awareness so you can avoid these foods.

Genetically Modified Foods that you need to Avoid

Now that you are aware of the potential risks of Genetically Modified foods, let us look at the foods that should never be in your grocery list.

1. Canola


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Canola Oil is a popular item in every household. However, the alarming part is that about 90 percent of the Canola crops are genetically engineered. The real ingredient of Canola oil is Rapeseed oil, and it works as industrial oil, not a food item. The GMO technology enabled the manufacturers to modify the Rapeseed oil genetically, and now it is sold as edible oil.

2. Sugar Beet

Sugar Beet

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Sugar Beets are no longer a healthy option for you. The reason is about 95 percent of the beets (Ref 2) are GM Crop. This means that you need to remove Sugar Beets from your diet completely to avoid the health hazards.

3. Potatoes


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Well, potatoes are loved by all, but it is no longer safe to consume potatoes. It was back in March 2015 when FDA actually approved the production of genetically modified potatoes (Ref 3). They are stated to be nutritious and safe for use, but you should not fall for this statement keeping into consideration the endless drawbacks of genetically Modified foods.

4. Baby Formula

Baby Milk Formula

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Most mothers turn to Baby Formula thinking that it is excellent for their kids, but that is not the truth. You will find that soy products and milk are the key ingredients listed for the Baby Formula which are GMO ingredients. Tragically the top brands in the US are using genetically modified ingredients (Ref 4) for the production of Baby Formula, so now you need to give this idea a second thought.

5. Synthetic Vitamins

Synthetic Vitamins

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If you are confident about the fact that you are having whole grain bread and eating right then you surely need to rethink your decision. The reason is commercial bread that is currently available in the market is made from soy based ingredients and corn syrup. Obviously they are GM crops that you need to avoid them for sure.

6. Bread


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If you are confident about the fact that you are having whole grain bread and eating right, then you surely need to rethink your decision. The reason is commercial bread that is currently available on the market is made from soy-based ingredients and corn syrup. Obviously, they are GM crops so you need to avoid commercially produced bread available in the grocery stores.

7. Condiments


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Your meals might be incomplete without your favourite condiments, but you need to look at the fact what makes the condiments so bad. The condiments have emulsifiers, soy flavourings and oils that involve the use of GM ingredients. This is why it is preferable to make your own salad dressings, ketchup and mayonnaise.

8. Sausages


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It should not come as a surprise for you, but sausages are produced through genetic engineering. When ingredients like enzymes, flavour enhancers and ascorbic acid are used, they do tend to improve the meat aroma, but most of the ingredients are genetically engineered. This makes sausages a bad choice for your food menu. It is essential that you should eliminate all processed foods from your diet completely.

9. Corn Starch

Corn Starch

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Corn Starch is a by-product of corn, and it simply offers no nutritional value (Ref 5) to you. It is a   GM Product and has to be avoided by all means. Try preparing recipes without using corn starch and substitute this ingredient with a healthy option like plain flour.

10. Apples


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FDA has come up with the idea that Artic Apples (Ref 6) are safe for use. There is a question on the way these apples have been produced and the truth is that Artic apples are a GM crop. This is why they should never be on your grocery list.

11. Alfalfa


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Well you need to be aware of the fact that GM alfalfa has now found its way in organic fields as well so these crops are no longer safe. This is why you need to avoid them by all means.

Now that you are well aware of the mentioned list of GMO foods make sure that they are never in your kitchen cabinet or grocery list. You need to avoid these food items by all means so that you can prevent yourself from the potential risks of these food items.

You need to turn to eating healthy foods that will benefit you in the long run. Make sure that when you are buying food from the grocery stores, you go through the labels in details. This way you can save yourself from the disadvantages of unhealthy eating.

Make sure that you primarily opt for homemade food and ingredients. This way you will be able to cut down on your budget plus you will be eating healthy. Never let GMO foods be your choice. Never take the risk. This is the proactive approach to saving yourself from health problems. Shun the GMO foods today and start eating healthy if you value your health in the long run. This is the smart approach and this way you will not have to worry about anything.


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